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Adventure Planning

Save yourself the time and let the Alaskan experts handle your vacation!

How it works

1.  We set up a 15-20 minute phone call to discuss your interests.

2.  We will write up a rough route including daily driving time.

3.  Once a route is defined we will dig into the trip details!

4.  We save you countless hours of research and guesswork.

Only $50/per day planned

**Price with RWCV rentaL.  Please give us plenty of time to curate your vacation - last minute requests are possible but not guaranteed.

Contact us to discuss your trip or call just to say hi!
Phone/Text: 1 907-531-7505    Email:

What will you get with your
Adventure Plan?

Your entire vacation planned by a local expert Alaskan adventure pro!

What to do
Use our vetted adventure partners & receive a discount just for being a RWCV Customer! 
Where to hike 
We have hike recommendations for all levels of hiking abilities!
Where to eat
lots of options while traversing Alaska and we can point you to our favorites!
Where to Sleep
We'll recommend the best camping options for the night, 
Where to Grab a Hot Shower
Many paid showers along the road and free showers at campgrounds!  We'll get you a game plan on where to shower on your road trip.
River Wild Custom Vacations

Planning the Ultimate Adventure?

We can custom curate anything just for you. Need multiple campervans or need to plan for a special event?

Contact us at

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