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what time can I pick up/drop off my van?

1.  Pick up is at 2:00 PM unless otherwise arranged.

2.  Drop-off is at 11:00 AM unless otherwise arranged.

3.  We work to accommodate any special requests when possible, so please reach out to us if you would like a specific time!

where can I pickup my van?

Pick up your Camper at our shop!  We are located about 10-15 minutes from the airport.

We are located at:

801 E. 82nd #A-9

Anchorage, AK 99518

what comes included in our rental?

We provide all of the essentials for your adventure, including all bedding, cooking, and cleaning supplies.  all you need is your food, clothing, and yourselves!  You can see a full list of what is supplied with the van here.  If there are add-ons you would like, please see our add-ons options.

what is your cancellation policy?

We have a 30-day cancellation policy.  At time of booking we will take a 50% down payment to hold your reservation.  30 days prior to your reservation start date we will require the remaining 50% of your payment.  After the 30 day mark we cannot offer refunds on payments unless we can fill your reservation dates, which we will do everything possible to do so, but cannot be guaranteed.

What are my options for insurance?

You can choose to buy comprehensive insurance through wheelbase at checkout, or alternatively you can check to see if you are covered under your personal vehicle policy.  If you decide to use your personal policy, River Wild requires an insurance binder from your insurance company, which states that you are covered for a Class B Rental at or above the Total value of the van at least one week prior to your reservation start date.

Can I Drive on Gravel Roads?

Yes!  We do allow driving on maintained gravel roads.  As Alaska is a wild place, there are a few exceptions to this rule to ensure our adventurers' safety and to keep our fleet up and running.  These exceptions are:


1.).  Any tow charges associated with a stuck or disabled vehicle as a result of traversing gravel roads will be the responsibility of the renter. 

2.). We charge a $250 fee to travel the Dalton Highway to offset our increased maintenance costs associated with providing access to this beautiful part of our State.

3.)  We Charge a $100 fee to travel the Denali Highway, and the Road to McCarthy to offset our increased maintenance costs associated with providing access to these wild areas.  Please keep in mind that you are still responsible for damage that occurs during your trip due to driving on these roadways (Example:  Tire Damage).

4).  We do permit travel on the Road to Nabesna out to mile 28 (National Preserve signpost).  Beyond Mile 28 the road is not well maintained and has a tendency to wash out - potentially stranding you on the other side!


Our mission at River Wild is to open up Alaska to the do-it-yourself adventurer and gravel roads are a necessary element in achieving this.  We do ask that you treat the Camper Van as if it was your own and not venture onto roads that could damage the vehicle.  We are a family run business and want to continue to be able to provide this flexibility to our customers for years to come!

What is the mileage policy?

River Wild provides an average of 200 miles/night for each reservation and charges $0.50/mile for every additional mile.  We have found that our customers rarely come anywhere near this amount of mileage as this equates to ~4 hours of driving every day. And with all the side adventures to be had, you'll be too tempted not to pull over!  You can purchase unlimited mileage for an extra $10 per day.  

What Should I do While in Alaska?

We provide custom itineraries, based upon our local knowledge after having wandered around this beautiful state for decades.  There are an incredible amount of opportunities.  Reach out to us and we can provide a customized itinerary!  We charge $50 for custom itineraries and work with local businesses to line up discounts which we pass on to you as a way of offsetting our fee.  See our Adventure Planning section for more details.

Can I charge my electronics?

Absolutely!  We have designed our vans with multiple USB/110v outlets for plug in options.  Power is supplied by three solar panels and the engine when the Camper Van is being driven.  A large battery bank has been installed to provide ample power for your adventure.  We do ask that no heating elements (such as hair dryers, etc.) be used in the vans as these will drain the batteries rapidly and can trip the breaker.

Does the van have a bathroom?

The Vans do not have a bathroom, but we have the option of renting a camp toilet for an extra $10 per day.   Handy to have when you don't want to leave the van late at night or early morning.   There is no shower, however we have a detailed list of places to grab a hot shower in towns throughout Alaska.  the shower list will be included with every rental in the welcome binder.

The Vans do have a foot-pump sink connected to 5gal of fresh water! 

How many seatbelts do the vans have?

You can seat up to 4 people in seatbelts.  Just let us know upon booking that you will need an extra seat installed.

How many people can sleep in the Vans?

The main bed is a Full size and can comfortably sleep 2 adults.  You can make up a second twin sized bed by connecting the bench seats, which can comfortably sleep another adult or two children.

Can you refund the 4% credit card processing fee?

Yes!  We would love to refund this fee.  You can send in a check or direct deposit (It's easy - we can send you a link!) and we will refund this fee asap.

What gear is included in the vans?

-Camping stove (2 burner propane stove)

-1LB Propane canister


-1 Can of Jetboil fuel


-Camp table

-2 Camp chairs




-Snow brush/scraper

-Camp mirror

-2 Bath towels

-Dish towel

-Dish brush

-Bedding (sheet, duvet, duvet cover, 2 pillows, 2 pillow cases, throw blanket)

-Window shades

-Eating utensils

-Cooking utensils

-Steak knives

-Chef knife

-Sauce pan & skillet

-Cutting board

-Can opener

-Wine opener



-Dishes (plates, bowls, cups)

-River Wild coffee tumblers

-French press

-Tea pot

-Hand sanitizer

-Salt & Pepper

-Zip lock baggies

-Tin foil

-Pot holders

-Dish soap

-2 Cans bear spray

-Bug spray


-First aide kit

-Dust brush/pan

-Paper towels

-Toilet paper

-Fire extinguisher

-Santizer wipes

-Playing cards

-Alaska van bingo

-Camping journal

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