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 Camper Van Availability
Now - May 22     May 28 - June 5    June 8 - 22     June 30 - July 10     July 16 - July 20
July 22 - Aug 1     Aug 5 - 30
     Sept 7 and On
 Jeep Camper Availability
Now - June 16     June 20 - 30     July 4 - 14     July 22 and On

For Wanderlust Souls

"So much of who we are, is where we have been"  - William Langwiesche

Adventure Van Fleet

Our Fleet

Explore the Wild Side

We have designed our Camper Vans for Alaska's wilderness. Backcountry skiing or a quiet lake in the mountains, get behind the wheel and adventure on your own terms!


Adventure Planning

Adventure in Alaska like a local!

Winter In Alaska

Northern Lights & Backcountry Skiing

Magical Northern Lights & world class skiing are around the corner!  Picture driving an hour North in your River Wild Camper Van up to Hatcher Pass, relaxing around a campfire watching dancing green lights in the sky.  Then wake up the next day and ski some of the best powder possible. 

The finest quality camper vans, built for the wanderlust soul

With over 50 years of experience in the outdoors, we have you covered. Stocked with everything you need.

Want more adventure? Need extra tools? We carry and partner with high quality equipment rentals.

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